Each and every one of us is familiar with the force of gravity. It keeps us firmly planted on Earth, it is the force against which we must fight every morning to get out of bed, and it is the reason why climbing a staircase or a mountain requires effort. Thanks to gravity, we glide down snow-covered slopes on our skis, water flows from the mountains to the sea, and apples fall from trees.  According to legend, this phenomenon played a significant part when Isaac Newton developed the first mathematical description of universal gravitational attraction, realizing that the same force that makes those apples fall also choreographs the celestial ballet of planets, stars and galaxies. Without gravity, the moon would... Read more

Public talks

Mon 05 November 2018
Thibault Damour
Gravitational Waves and Binary Black Holes
Gravitational waves and black holes are two of the predictions generated by Einstein's theory of general relativity. These appeared as early as 1916, shortly after the publication of the work...
Tue 06 November 2018
Andrea Accomazzo
Rosetta, mission zero gravity
Rosetta was a European Space Agency mission with the objective of sending a probe on a six-and-a-half billion-kilometre journey to the comet Churyumov–Gerasimenko, an object so small that its gravity...
Wed 07 November 2018
Claudia de Rham
The dark side of the Universe
The recent detection of gravitational waves represents a new era for science and an open window on our Universe. But what exactly do we know about the behaviour of our...

Sound and light show

Sound & light show: ça gravite aux Bastions

Every evening from October 29 to November 21
Three performances lasting 20 minutes at 18:00, 19:00 and 20:00,
Uni Bastions, parc side

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