Thu 08 November 2018
Gabriela González
Professor at Louisiana State University 
Department of Physics & Astronomy


Einstein, gravitational waves, black holes and other matters

More than a hundred years ago, Albert Einstein predicted the existence of waves on the surface of the space-time grid transmitted at the speed of light: gravitational waves. On 14 September 2015, the LIGO detectors in Hanford and Livingston (USA) detected for the first time the echo of gravitational waves crossing the globe. This signal had been traveling through the universe for over a billion years after having been created by the interaction between two black holes. Since then, other signals have been detected by the American LIGO instruments and the European Virgo instrument. One of them was created by the encounter of two neutron stars turning into a black hole. This phenomenon has also generated electromagnetic waves picked up by several telescopes, including the INTEGRAL satellite, making it much easier to understand the physics of the merger. The history of this discovery and the bright future of this field of research will be the subject of this talk.

08/11/2018 - Einstein, gravitational waves, black holes and other matters (EN)
08/11/2018 - Einstein, gravitational waves, black holes and other matters (OV)

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