Who we are ?

wright-d7395 The Wright Science Colloquia, held biennially at the University of Geneva since 1984, were founded by Dr. H. Dudley Wright with the aim of presenting the latest scientific findings to the general public and especially inspiring young people towards a scientific career. Dr Wright, an American scientist, businessman and inventor, was also prominent personality in the Geneva community from 1965 until his death in January 1992. The Wright Science Colloquia were and remain a concrete way of his saying «thank you» to the people of Geneva for their warm hospitality. Fascinated by scientific discoveries himself, he hoped to further the understanding of basic science and to promote informed public opinion. Speakers at the forefront of research are invited to present complex topics to an educated audience interested in science, but not necessarily with scientific background. The Wright Science Colloquia are organized in collaboration with the University of Geneva and are offered to the community by the Foundation H. Dudley Wright.

The Foundation

  • Thierry Courvoisier President of the Foundation board
  • Mourtaza Asad-Syed Member of the Foundation board
  • Mason de Chochor Member of the Foundation board
  • Marco Föllmi Member of the Foundation board
  • Blaise Goetschi Member of the Foundation board
  • Daria Lopez-Alegria Member of the Foundation board
  • John Tracey Member of the Foundation board

Scientific committee 

  • Prof. Jean-Pierre Wolf University of Geneva Faculty of sciences
  • Dr. James Gillies Strategic Planning and Evaluation, CERN
  • Prof. Ivan Rodriguez University of Geneva Faculty of sciences

Honorary member

  • Mrs H. Dudley Wright

Organisation committee

  • Prof. Thierry Courvoisier University of Geneva
  • Olivier Dessibourg, journalist, president of the Swiss Association of Science Journalism
  • Dorothée Dumoulin University of Geneva
  • Ascension Lozano H. Dudley Wright Foundation
  • Dre Fanen Sisbane University of Geneva

Sound and light show

Sound & light show: ça gravite aux Bastions

Every evening from October 29 to November 21
Three performances lasting 20 minutes at 18:00, 19:00 and 20:00,
Uni Bastions, parc side

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